Top 5 Math Game Apps for Kindergarten

Top 5 Math Game Apps for Kindergarten

The mind at play is a beautiful thing and through playing games, our children can learn so much. In fact, there is a great deal of research that points to education and entertainment being linked.

Making games and fun activities for your children to engage in that let them laugh and learn is so important in order to equip them with the building blocks that they will take into further education. Whilst you can do a lot through simple games around the home, it’s nice to have a little help as well.

The digital age has brought technology that fits in our hands and can be as good a teacher as any other. The markets and app stores are littered with interactive games that are as fun as they are functional and can be a great help in teaching your child the basics of mathematics. Here is our pick of the top 5 math game apps for kindergarten.

Counting Caterpillar

A beautiful app that is just simply gorgeous with its visuals and aesthetic appeal, to the point you could happily watch over your child’s shoulder as he/she plays the game. The core concept is simple enough, answering simple arithmetic problems in order to win food to feed your caterpillar and help it grow into a butterfly. Achievement is tracked through a trophy case and the game scales as the player improves his/her skill.

EduGuru Maths Kids Age 3 – 5

EduGuru Maths is a UK based app that adheres more to their curriculum but it still teaches the core concepts just as well as the rest of them and can easily be enjoyed worldwide. Designed by teachers and schools to offer the very best education delivered through well-constructed, tried and tested games and puzzles.


A wonderfully designed app that makes the most of its aquatic theme with colorful characters, and backdrops. It’s fun and friendly and incredibly easy to use. The games are cleverly designed to feature many variations on the core skills of numeracy, addition, subtraction, shape and pattern recognition. It’s sure to equip your future brainiac with everything they need to tackle maths at higher levels.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

A lot of the games have animals at the helm but the cute little monkeys of the Monkey Math School Sunshine app have to be some of the most fun. It has a great range of different puzzles and challenges all set to a vibrant and enticing world of monkey madness. You’ll be hard pressed to get your kid to stop playing.

Dino Tim

An app that offers a fully functional free version has to feature on the list and this one is beautifully designed around that. You can opt to pay to disable the built-in advertisements, but they can also be skipped easy enough. The game features Dino Tim an adorable mascot who leads the player through a wide range of different mathematical puzzles and games to keep the mind ticking and the fingers clicking.

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