Top 4 Toddler Learning Games

Top 4 Toddler Learning Games

The young mind is a beautiful thing and when we look at our children we want to make sure that we’re giving them the best start in life by encouraging and rewarding their learning. There is no reason that play and education should be separate and in choosing your toys you can make a conscious decision to make them ones that are both fun and functional when it comes to creative and imaginative achievement.

We have put together a short list of toys and games that do just that, these are activities aimed at younger children that are both educational and entertaining; edutaining. Here are our picks of the top 4 toddler learning games.

1. Building Blocks

There has been a lot of research and findings that mark playing with things like Lego or Duplo, which have a marked correlation on creativity and intelligence. Whilst you might not want to start off your little ones with a 1000 piece replica of the Deathstar, getting them building early on can help their learning in many different ways. Choosing big colorful blocks can help them to recognize color and you can even introduce numeracy by numbering them and getting them to stack or build their tower in order. You could practice language skills and understanding by setting tasks such as building a house using only the blue blocks or a bridge using 3 red and 3 yellow bricks, the options are as limitless as your own imagination. Check out more about Building Blocks.

2. Mathlingo

We live in an age where tech literacy is becoming more and more important and the wealth of educational apps and games available to parents grows daily. Mathlingo is a great new app that features brightly colored and beautifully animated games that will introduce the core concepts of Mathematics in an easy and accessible way. Your child is rewarded as they progress and gain confidence in the different areas and it’s a great way to get them familiar with numbers and to enjoy doing so. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Drawing

You don’t have to be encouraging the next Picasso in order to get your child learning through art. Sitting down and drawing or coloring in together can be a great way to introduce and play with a great many different subjects. It’s one of the age-old toddler learning games that will always be fun and all you need is a set of crayons and some paper. You could draw a picture yourself and try to get them to guess what it is and then color it in, you can ask them to draw you a specific number of something; for example 5 golden geese. You can practice the alphabet by getting them to draw something beginning with B. Again the options are limitless.

4. Bean Bag Maths

If your child is a little more active you can turn maths into a sporting endeavor and all you need is some chalk, a couple of bean bags and a pavement. Mark out a grid with numbers 1 to 10, thereafter get your little Olympian to chuck 2 bags and then subtract or add together the sum they devise. You can play too and turn it into a competition if you want to ramp up the fun and destroy the little lovable tyke in a math-based gauntlet.

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