3 Simple Ideas on Teaching Shapes to Kindergarten

3 Simple Ideas on Teaching Shapes to Kindergarten

Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be a stressful time, they’re beginning their journey through education and it can feel like you’re losing a little bit of control. We all want to make sure we’re giving them the best possible opportunities in life and equipping them properly before they set out on their tiny adventures is the best thing we can do. We all want our little ones to be the top of the class right?

Shape and pattern recognition is a great indicator of intellect and quite literally the building blocks of a good education. Children have naturally curious brains and look for what they understand and know which means it’s a great time to start playing with them and introducing them to shape and color. At this formative stage, their brains are hungry for new information and they enjoy learning new things which makes it all the more easy to turn it into a game for them.

By having fun with your children and teaching them through play not only do you get to enjoy quality time together, but you are also giving them an extra little boost in their school day. Here are three of our favorite ways to introduce and play with shape.

1. Drawing Games

Kids love to draw, scribble, trace, color in and generally make a mark. You can easily turn this into a game that not only introduces but reinforces shape and pattern recognition; you can spice it up with a splash of color play at the same time. If you’re drawing alongside them get them to copy what you have drawn and then ask what shape and color it is. You could then ask them to draw a specific shape and color and get them to request one from you, check that they know the proper shape/color by deliberately getting it wrong, what little tyke isn’t amused by Mummy or Daddy making a boo boo?

2. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is a great new app that lets your child learn math through play. The games are simple but fun with lots of bright colors and cool characters that are sure to get your little one enthused. The shape games, in particular, are incredibly intuitive and work much the same as the old wooden blocks you may have had as a child; only they now have a limitless supply of different combinations and new layouts that keep your kid guessing. The smiling graphics and groovy animations would be reward enough, but the accomplishment and education is the real trophy here.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Digging For Shapes

This is a fun game to play together but prone to getting a little messier than the other two. Basically, you are both going to become archeologists and you’re on the hunt for specific shapes. Get a small tub or washing-up basin and fill it with sand. Then bury four or five different shapes or different colored shapes in the sand. With a small brush slowly search for and unearth the shapes until you find the right one. It sounds silly but your kid will get a real kick out of it and it can be as educational as it is enjoyable.

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