Top 3 Learning Apps for Sorting Shapes for Kindergarten

Top 3 Learning Apps for Sorting Shapes for Kindergarten

Children’s brains are a beautiful thing, they learn so much from play and performance. Teaching them new concepts is a relatively easy task as long as you continue on the path of fun and functionality. Mathematics as a whole can seem a foreboding or overwhelming beast unless you break it down into the more simpler truths.

Shapes are the building blocks with which we form our basic understanding of the fundamentals of math, an understanding of them can be a great boon to the young minds set to enter the school system. Whilst we put a large focus on numbers and basic numeracy, not enough emphasis is put into the importance of pattern recognition and spatial awareness. In this article, we hope to highlight to focus on sorting shapes kindergarten age children need for further education.

1. RelationShapes

A beautifully designed app that encourages open-minded play is, RelationShapes which is geared around teaching your child to recognize geometric shapes and matching them to each other. It has two primary forms of function, the first of which is matching; seeing shapes and knowing their names and them grouping them together with those that are the same. The second of which is picturing; in which your child’s creativity and humor can truly be displayed. This fine line between interest and intrigue are carefully balanced in an expertly crafted app that will keep a young mind intrigued.

2. Mathlingo

This fantastic new app offers something for all ages, using an expertly designed interface and energizing graphics it hooks even the most casual user into games that promote and improve upon the core aspects and fundamentals of mathematics. When it comes to shorting shapes kindergarten age pupils might need to form the building blocks of further education, that this app has in abundance. The shapes based apps are incredibly fun to play through and equally as educational. Picture your average block in which you put the shapes into the correct hole and then multiply that by infinity, the scope is endless and the variations are limitless. The rewards for completion are compelling and will ensure that your child will keep coming back for more and the difficulty scales to make sure when they do they continue improving.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge

This app starts off with an engaging and utterly beautiful storyline to draw your child in. Their progress within it is all geared towards the goal of achievement and realization of an ending. The games and educational content that comes in between is equally entertaining and ensures that they will be learning and laughing in equal measure. The main character is a friendly dragon that got lost and you have to use his scales (shapes) to fit into puzzles that ultimately help him get home. It’s a wonderful narrative that ultimately results in an interactive story that also introduces and enforces the core concepts that will build into a mathematical understanding of geometry.

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