3 Fun Ways to Teach Shapes for Toddlers

3 Fun Ways to Teach Shapes for Toddlers

At a young age, kids notice different shapes even if they do not have an idea what shapes are. Teaching toddlers about shapes is a good way to help them develop and another opportunity to bond with the kid. You can make use of fun games and common items seen in the house as a way to teach toddlers about shapes. Letting preschoolers practice with shapes can strengthen their foundation and understanding of the different structures.

Early learning

A child who can distinguish shapes can determine better the different letters based on their shapes. This can help with both reading and writing. Children who have good practice with different lines and shapes are better in writing. While shapes for toddlers may look foreign at first, they will soon understand it. It may take a bit longer for kids to learn about the shapes but with constant practice and encouragement, they should be able to have an advantage in many aspects of learning. Once a child gets to know the specific shapes, he can now add it to his database of knowledge.

Developing math skills early

Letters are a combination of different shapes and lines. The same goes for numbers. Having a strong understanding of shapes can help children recognize the numbers and how they look. The ability to recognize numbers is a preschool math skill and is important in preparation for more advanced math problems. The shapes fall under geometry and are part of the preschool curriculum. Having a strong and solid foundation in understanding shapes can give kids a head start in meeting the standards of geometry.


Toddlers learn to observe in order to identify the different shapes. They can also learn how to compare different shapes and group similar shapes together. With the use of activities on shapes for toddlers, kids learn that triangles have three sides. They will also realize that not all triangles look the same. Observation skills are important.

Developing problem-solving skills

Through shape activities, toddlers can develop problem-solving skills. Toys that allow a child to sort shapes can help enhance a child’s ability to recognize what a triangle looks like or what a square looks like. For example, a child can match the hole on the toy to the same shape such as a rectangle. Shape recognition can help in solving puzzles.

Verbal communication

Teaching children about different shapes is a good way to improve and practice verbal communication as they try to describe what they see around them. This can pave the way for better communication.

There are a lot of games and activities that you can do if you want to teach shapes for toddlers. Here are some fun ways to teach shapes to kids.

1. Teaching using common items

Toddlers can further develop their motor skills while learning about shapes. If you do not have a pattern or a lesson plan on what to teach, Mason jar lids or pasta boxes can be helpful as well. Read books about different shapes. This can help toddlers master the different kinds of shapes. Books can cover age ranges that cater to those elementary students as well. Check out the local library if they have any books that might be helpful. Use blocks and ask children to sort them out by shape. The common household items can also be used to teach kids the concept of shapes. However, make sure to avoid small items to reduce choking hazards.

2. Teaching using educational apps

It cannot be denied that mobile apps play a role in teaching children a lot of things. For one, there are plenty of useful math apps that include geometry since it is a part of early learning.

Moose Math is an app that focuses on counting, addition, subtraction, geometry, and sorting. There are 5 levels and kids can earn rewards to build their very own city and decorate buildings.

Mathlingo is a fun app that teaches children basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, and geometry. The ocean theme app keeps the kids engaged at educated at the same time.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

Monkey Preschool Lunch involves basic math skills as well as geometry. There are 6 games in this app that can keep kids entertained for a long time.

3. Teaching using art

There are many ways to learn shapes so if you want to have a variety of teaching methods, you can use art. Get crayons and paper and draw a shape. Let your child draw the same thing. Aside from drawing, you can also paint the shapes.

Shapes are used to identify and organize the information that we see. At an early age, a child begins to establish a connection between what they often see and their shapes. As a child explores different shapes, he is being observant on what is similar and which are different.

Since shapes are also considered as symbols, early recognition of shapes by the child can mean that he can read the letters as well. The first step in knowing the letters is being able to determine that a square is different from a rectangle. Provide your child with enough materials – be it a smartphone or tablet, crayons, papers, or regular household items – these will help him know the shapes more. Eventually, you can take the letters of your child’s name and help him see that the different shapes of the letters spell out his name.

There are a number of ways to encourage and teach children to learn about shapes. We can see shapes all around us so even a game while in the car can be very helpful.

It is important to develop a strong foundation for kids while they are young because this can be their guide as they face more difficult math problems. Aside from that, their thinking will be enhanced. Having a firm foundation on the basic math skills will ensure that children are ready to face whatever complicated math problems come their way. Remember to make learning fun so that kids will remain engaged for an extended period of time.

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