Different Shapes and Their Names for Kindergarten

Different Shapes and Their Names for Kindergarten

Learning shapes and pattern recognition is an important and lasting lesson for young minds. It forms the basic building blocks of all later mathematics and understanding, giving your child a heads up and great start in this area can make everything else so much easier.

The way that children learn is amazing and they can take in and retain new information through the simple act of the play. Teaching the different shapes and their names for kindergarten age children is not only easy but fun too. Here are a few of our favorite games, apps, and methods to do just that.


No kid on this planet can resist the urge to scribble all over a piece of plain paper, harness that energy and put it to good use. Drawing together whilst focused on different shapes and their names can be a lot of fun. Ask them to draw you a specific shape, or to draw you their favorite animal only using squares, stars, and circles. Whichever you choose to frame it, this is an artistic way to get to learning.


This wonderful little app comes pre-built with specific shape based games and can form a wonderful springboard for your little one to leap into mathematics as a whole from. The app features a much broader scope of games and activities than just shape and pattern recognition, it also goes into numeracy, addition, and subtraction. The games are well designed and fun to play and the user is rewarded with fanfare and animation for progression and completion of each level. The design is intuitive and the aesthetics and characters adorable. Most children won’t even notice they’re learning they’ll be having so much fun.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Building Blocks

The oldest toy in the box has to be the building blocks, which coincidentally also form the basic structure for shape recognition. Using the blocks to create structures or replicate other shapes you can act as a parent and child construction team with the aim of making the most triangular building or by laying them all out in a circle. Lego and Duplo are equally good for this task and the benefits of such sandbox, creative games are endless.

I Spy

I spy shouldn’t just be reserved for long car rides; this clever little game can really keep your future Einstein on his toes. You can set a rule of only looking for shapes to make it much quicker and easier to reach an ending. I spy with my little eye something beginning with T… well it’s most likely a triangle but you’ll be accidentally teaching the alphabet simultaneously if you utilize this game for shape learning. Play short little rounds as you walk around together and make sure they are always looking out for shapes in the world around them.

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