5 Best Ways to Learn Shapes and Numbers for Toddlers

5 Best Ways to Learn Shapes and Numbers for Toddlers

Teaching shapes and numbers to toddlers is not always easy, but it can be fun and educational with the right activities. The key is to be creative and light-hearted in your approach. Kids respond well to learning that involves the senses and makes learning less frustrating and rigorous. Read on to learn about the 5 best ways of teaching shapes and numbers for toddlers.

Felt Shapes Matching Activity

This is a simple tactile activity to teach shapes and numbers that is fun and engaging. Draw various basic shapes onto several pieces of sandpaper, with varying numbers of each shape. Cut out the same shapes from pieces of felt, with a different color for each shape. Lay all of the felt shapes on a table, along with one of the pieces of sandpaper with drawings of shapes. Have your child trace the sandpaper shapes with his or finger, then choose felt shapes that match the shapes on the sandpaper. Once the sandpaper sheet is filled in, have your child count the number of each shape matched on the sandpaper.

Shapes and Numbers Collage

Making a shapes and numbers collage is a fun, visual learning activity for teaching basic shapes and numbers. You can use pieces of fabric, construction paper, or pictures or shapes from magazines. Glue the cutout shapes onto any surface you choose. Have fun with your child and be creative with gluing surfaces.


Mathlingo is a fun and educational app that teaches toddlers shapes and number with interactive play. The app features captivating and fun sea animals that provide perfect learning companions for your toddler. Mathlingo specifically introduces numbers 1 through 5 first, then to 10, putting the numbers in order. In addition, Mathlingo introduces the concept of one more or one less than a given number. Toddlers learn the basic language of addition and subtraction and put these skills into a problem-solving context. Mathlingo is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded at: Google App store or the Apple store.

Vegetable Math Masters

Vegetable Math Masters is an app that uses animated vegetables to teach toddlers basic math skills. Toddlers are captivated by the interactive vegetables, making learning about numbers fun. The app engages toddlers in naming the vegetables, so they have familiar friends to learn with. Vegetable Math Masters not only develops math skills The app also encourages healthy eating. The goal of Vegetable Math Masters is to promote healthy attitudes toward vegetables while toddlers practice math.

Wikki Sticks

Wikki Sticks are a tactile tool for teaching both shapes and numbers. These sticks are sticky, so toddlers can affix them to surfaces while making 2D shapes and numbers. You can draw basic shapes on the surface to be used so that toddlers have a guide as they mold the wikki sticks. Wikki sticks can be found where crafts or teacher supplies are sold.

These apps, activities, and games are the 5 best ways for toddlers to learn shapes and numbers. All are hands-on and interactive, some real-world and some animated. Either way, toddlers will have fun while learning.

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