Best Online Addition Games for Kindergarten

Best Online Addition Games for Kindergarten

Inviting your tiny tot to the world of math operations such as addition and subtraction is an important milestone. Math games can make learning more engaging and fun in addition to building logic and critical thinking skills. The capability to recognize various addition and subtraction symbols and patterns is a big part of kindergarten math. Engaging in various online math games available provides a stimulating learning experience for every child. Additionally, math games are also an excellent resource for kids to use at home to reinforce new skills and learning and practice fundamentals.

‘Addition’ is considered to be one of the basic foundations of math. To build different concepts many hours of practice and repetition is involved in learning math to establish a good foundation. Using online games for math learning offers a way to add diversity and fun into learning basic principles that many children find challenging and often frustrating. With a plethora of online addition games available for kindergarten, this list will focus on high-quality online games that will give you a brief idea of how kids can practice math especially addition in a way that is fun and appealing to their interests.

1. Splash Math

With a user base of more than 20 million learners, trusted by 50 thousand schools across the United States, Splash Math offers a complete core math curriculum coverage with fun and interactive addition games. It offers two plans namely Home Edition and Classroom Edition and offers multiple themes like Space, Jungle Ocean, and Candy to keep your child engaged as per their interest. Splash Math promises a personalized learning experience where your child intelligently learns and earns fun coin rewards for each correct answer. The coins can later be redeemed for virtual pets!


Counting has never looked so good with’s interactive and appealing online addition games for kindergarten. For example, a fun game Building Numbers Pizza Party teaches kids to practice addition by counting and adding toppings of their choice to a giant pizza pie. Games have been designed to introduce numbers in a scaffolded way, by first starting with a slow-paced numeral recognition exercise and as the game continues, progressing to a faster pace. This technique helps in building a stronger foundation for your child’s math skills.

3. Math Game Time

Math Game Time provides free worksheets and games to help children practice and build confidence with their addition skills. Along with their free instructional addition videos, your kindergartener will learn to add like a pro and focus on more complex skills. Let’s go on a ride on a jet ski with Jet Ski Addition Race where your child has to answer the addition problem displayed on the screen. The faster you answer, the quicker your jet ski goes! Up to four players can play this free math game simultaneously and whoever reaches the finish line first wins! Another fun free kitten game with a twist is Kitten Match Addition Game where points are scored by having your kittens match numbers correctly that add up to the number in the middle of the screen.

4. Turtle Diary

Designed to encourage kids to experiment with different addition strategies, look for arithmetic patterns, and find different ways of manipulating numbers as they add, Turtle Diary’s online addition games aim to teach conceptual learning of addition that continues beyond school hours. These addition games help kids learn to count, problem-solve, and learn real-world applications. Addition Matrix game is a brilliant math game designed to build your kindergartener’s addition skills and improve their number sense. Your child will have to add the number balls and numbers in the matrix, requiring them to think, analyze, and question. Consequently, building their decision-making skills from an early age. Additionally, it helps build their math skills, sharpen their memory and improve hand-eye coordination.

5. Top Marks

Top Marks offers different free online addition games such as Mental Math Train, Helicopter Rescue, Chopper Squad, Building expressions, and Blast Off to name a few. These games can help kindergarteners develop their mental math skills, particularly improving knowledge of number bonds from 0 to 20. For simplicity, Chopper Squad uses number grids, focusses on one more or less and ten more or less than a given number. With the added benefit of being tablet-friendly, it is designed to help children learn two-digits numbers and understand the concept of one more or less and ten more or less.

6. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is an entertaining early visual learning game designed to help kindergartners get a head start on counting, addition, subtraction, geometry, shapes and matching skills. Providing an option of numerous addition games such as Addition with pictures, Adding two numbers together, complete the addition in fun math puzzles, With addition word problems for reading and math skill, your child can never be bored! Take the math journey with Mathlingo’s adorable sea animation and fun effects that teaches kids how math can be fun while learning.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

7. Abcya

Offering a variety of online addition games for kindergarteners such as 100 Snowballs, Add to 10, Marble Math, Addition with Manipulatives, your child can enjoy a wide range of interactive learning activities with fun engaging educational resources. Marble Math is an entertaining and educational activity for learning addition with five different levels of addition including a bonus activity after each level. To advance to the next level, your child should score 80% or more. Appealing audio help children how to count and play the activity.

Being able to add is one of the most important skill children need to develop from an early age. From adding up pizza toppings and sorting shapes at a museum to basketball algebra, there are a plethora of addition and math games available for kindergarteners to energize and challenge them to become more experienced young mathematicians. Math has earned a new name thanks to such innovative games!

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