3 Best Maths Addition for Kids Games

3 Best Maths Addition for Kids Games

A child’s brain is a beautiful thing. They are able to retain and retrain from the simplest of inputs. This is why there is an ever-growing wealth of apps and games that purport to build the core skills of exactly that. Choosing between this constantly expanding mass of educational content has now become the most difficult task as any parent wants to ensure their little ones are getting nothing but the best.

Here are three of what we believe to be the best math addition for kids games whether online or offline; for improving the core skills that will later be used in their learning and improvement.

1. Mathlingo

This app is great at introducing maths to kids and also continuing their progress as they develop on their journey. The scope of different games and difficulties is breathtaking and the design and intuitive interface make it incredibly easy to use and fun to play. It has stunning visuals that work together with the incredible gameplay to provide an experience that is as educational as it is enjoyable. With colorful characters and fantastic fanfare to reward the user for achievement, the progress through the app is constantly encouraged. Whilst the app features a broad spectrum of topics the focus on addition and subtraction is marked and the numeracy skills gained through repeated use is incomparable.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

2. Hopscotch

Whilst it can be tempting to sit your child down with an app on a digital device, the importance of actual play and interaction should not be ignored. At the expense of a piece of chalk and a bean bag, you can take to the sidewalks and teach them basic numeracy whilst also providing a physical and interactive experience. Mark out a grid and number it one to ten, then take turns tossing the bean bag to achieve a total. One person then jumps to a number below the total number and the other has to jump to the required number required to add to it to make the total. This is one of many variations of math-based games you can play with a system like this. Experiment with what works for you and make sure you’re having fun. If your child is laughing, they’re learning.

3. Counting Caterpillar

This app is so gorgeously designed, it’s almost a joy to watch your child play it. The basics of it are incredibly simple; you play as a caterpillar and collect numbered aphids in order to complete a sum. It introduces addition and subtraction within a game that makes it incredibly fun to play. Your child is rewarded for progress with a trophy case of increasingly rare and exotic butterflies as if they needed any extra encouragement to play. Straightforward and easy to use it’s clear to see why this has been a market favorite for years.

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