Best Math Subtraction Games for Kids

Best Math Subtraction Games for Kids

Children are all about games. They love to play. This is why games can make a productive learning activity as long as it is done correctly. Introducing something new to children especially a subject like math must be done with art. This is why educators use games for learning math. Aside from making learning fun and interesting, there is a huge difference in performance when children are joining in the discussion and engaged in the subject.

The best math subtraction games are those that enhances both the teacher’s and the student’s ability to understand concepts and find a solution to complex problems in math.

Math skills that are taught early in childhood are aimed at providing a strong foundation for children so that they will not have a hard time as they advance through school. The basic skills must be fortified because it is the foundation of children for their future.

How math subtraction games can be a learning opportunity

Talk about math

When kids play games, they have something to talk about during or after the game. A good game is allowing students to have meaningful discussions about math.

Closing the gap

Educators have noticed that conducting math subtraction games is an effective method in closing the gap. There are math apps that are tailored to a specific age group and can even be narrowed down to a kid’s learning pace. Students can then learn by themselves without having to be pressured by the pace of their peers. This is helpful for students who are a bit lagging behind.

Learning for the educators

In education, learning goes both ways. As the student learns, so does the teacher. Conducting math-based games and teaching the games to students requires planning from the teachers as well. They have to learn how to use a math app and think of creative ways to interest the students in learning math. Students depend on teachers so educators must know how to teach in a way to help the kids in building up the math concepts.


Math games allow kids to choose and participate. They can also enjoy playing while they learn at the same time.

Positive attitude

Games can help kids build self-concept so that they can develop a positive attitude in learning math. With the positive experience, the fear of making mistakes is lessened.

Teacher’s observation

Teachers can also assess the child’s way of thinking and attitude by means of a math game. This can give the educator an opportunity in diagnosing and assessing the level of learning of a student.

Interactive tasks

Math apps are interactive tasks for kids that can be done at home or in school. Free time can now be spent productively as kids can use the math apps as their play time.

Promotes independence

The use of math apps allows children to be independent of their teacher. They can access math applications any time and work on advancing their level.

How to choose math subtraction games

Since math games have the potential to improve math learning among students, games, and math learning apps are now being used in school to improve motivation, skills, and increase student engagement. Here are some ways to determine the best math game.

Level of mathematical thinking

There are games that are very straightforward where the player do not need to think a lot. These games do not let you memorize or make connections to math concepts. For example, computing in a game is a straightforward method. Answers can be given right after each item and students do not need supervision as this type of game is self-explanatory. Math games that require a high level of thinking will require an adult’s help, or an educator’s guidance because such complex games are not like calculation games that are straightforward.

Game mechanics

An engaging game will catch the attention of students and make them concentrate more. A good math game will challenge the student as the level goes higher and more difficult. This is, of course, provided, that the game must be according to the student’s level.

Interesting math subtraction games

For a game to catch a kid’s attention, it has to be interesting and engaging. Aside from making learning fun, a good app must be able to teach kids the basic math concepts. Below are some fun apps that you can download for kids.


This game offers fun and interesting ways to practice subtraction. You can choose to subtract smaller numbers first such as 1-5, and then move on to 6-10. For kids starting school, this is a good practice as this is not overwhelming. The graphics are colorful and the audio is easy on the ears. This app also offers progress reports to assess the learning level of the child. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

Computer Carl

This is a free game where you guide a robot through a maze to solve basic math problems.

Equation Creator

This game allows a student to practice the basic mathematical operations using different settings. Learn more.

Let’s Do Math!

This is another fun game that allows a student to practice addition and subtraction. Try to get a high score by chaining perfect answers.

Math in a Flash

This is an app for elementary children to practice math. It has an eagle theme where eagles seem to talk to each other after a practice set is done.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

Play with numbers as you feed your fish. Mental addition and subtraction can be practiced with this app.

The use of math games is a great way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Learning applications can get them hooked because of the interesting sounds and graphics but at the same time, they are learning too. Parents and educators no longer need to put too much pressure on teaching a child since the app is interesting enough. The element of repetition is an important factor in learning and apps have these as well. Free time can now be a learning fun time for kids because of these math learning apps.

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