The Best Math Learning Sites for Children

The Best Math Learning Sites for Children

As parents and teachers, we all want to give our little ones the best possible start in life. Engaging and exciting them through play and interactive games that also teach them new skills have proven to be the best possible method, and with the dawn of the digital age we are now spoilt for choice between the fantastic array of websites and apps offering precisely that.

We’ve put together a quick little list of some of our favorite sites, games and the odd app that are not only fun but functional too. They teach through play and will have your children begging for another lesson. If you’re laughing, you’re learning. These are our pick of the best math learning sites for children.

PBS Kids

For me, Sesame Street taught me a lot about the world, the people in it, the alphabet, and numbers. It was a babysitter, teacher, and friend. PBS has always made programming that is educational and entertaining and they’ve brought that ideology with them onto their website. There is a wide range of games all featuring the characters we know and love from their catalog of hit TV programs and they are all intuitive, fun, and rewarding to play.


Mathlingo might not be a website but it still makes the cut because it too has such a broad range of different games and activities on offer. Whether it’s learning shapes or starting out with basic numeracy it has many different variations on the theme ensuring every game is educational, fresh, and most importantly fun. The aquatic theme is cute enough on its own but the player is rewarded with further fanfare and celebration as they progress and level up their mathematical skill and the difficulty scales to keep them on their toes. The brightly colored and utterly adorable characters guide you through the various games and provide something funky to look at, can you say “mathematicool”?

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.


This brilliant little website is absolutely filled to overflowing with a wonderful selection of different games that introduce a wide range of mathematical subjects in fun and new ways. The games range in difficulty and you can choose those that suit your little one’s skill level, they can also be printed off so that they don’t have to spend all their free time glued to a screen. Browse the site yourself and have a look at what is on offer, you won’t regret it.


CBEEBIES is the branch of the BBC aimed at it’s youngest audience and like PBS before them, the website is packed with pure gold in terms of fun factor. Whilst it is UK based and will be geared towards their curriculum at this age/stage it doesn’t really matter and the beautifully designed games, colorful characters and a wide range of subjects will keep your child completely engaged. Who knows they might even find a new favorite show to boot?

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