2 Best Math Learning App for Kids

2 Best Math Learning App for Kids

For a large number of school students, math is a hard nut to crack. Some find it harder than other subjects as their understanding of the basic principles or foundations are not clear. Poorly-taught learning techniques and faulty teaching approach methodology often lead to children scoring poor in mathematics.

It is true that not all children are going to be math whiz-kids, but there are certain apps that can help them learn the subject in a better, quicker and fun way. A growing range of math learning apps are available for smartphones that provide clarified and useful knowledge about the discipline and keep students intrigued to the subject.


Mathlingo is a free mobile app that has been created for iPhone, Windows and Android mobiles. The app has been manufactured by the Apple Pie App Builder. The app offers a fun yet effective way of learning the basic concepts of math such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to the school-going toddlers. This is an ideal learning app for kindergarten and pre-school kids who are stepping into the world of numbers for the first time.

Learning shapes and basic geometry: Apart from learning the simplest mathematical problems, the app also introduces kids with the primary geometrical shapes such as square, circle, rectangle, triangle and oval among others. Once tried, children will be amused to see how Mathlingo’s Fun Ocean animals teach them the most enjoyable method to inculcate the foundations of mathematics. Be it at the classroom or at home, or even during vacation, Mathlingo can be a toddler’s true companion in terms mastering the basic math skills.

The essential features of Mathlingo: According to its functional range, the features of this app have been categorized into different segments.

Addition and related sums

  • Addition of multiple numbers.
  • Learning addition through images.
  • Complete an addition problem through a fun puzzle game.
  • Solving addition problems through word and reading games.

Subtraction and solving basic sums

  • Children can start learning subtraction through funny pictures. But addition must always be learned first followed by subtraction.
  • Subtraction of one number from another.
  • Solving simple subtraction sums through puzzles or reading games.

Geometry and shape learning:

  • In Mathlingo, children can learn about the basic shapes through the fun matching the missing shapes games.
  • Also, there is an option of identifying 3D shapes. Kids can gather knowledge about the shapes like cones, pyramids, and cubes through the

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Mathlingo app: It is a brilliant app to get a head start in mathematics and the perfect math learning app for kids. With the change of time, it is necessary that children learn their academic lessons beyond books and classrooms. If you learn the basics through Mathlingo, the tougher and complex mathematical journey becomes an easy ride in the higher standards.

Prodigy math app:

Prodigy is another engaging math learning app platform for kids. Over 20 million students, teachers, and parents take advantage of this free app on their smartphones. The app offers curriculum aligned math lessons for students of classes I to VIII. Prodigy has provided brilliant results to those parents who often complain about their kids trying to avoid their math classes. By using this app for at least a week, kids voluntarily start showing interest in learning topics like subtraction and multiplication which normally were not in their comfort zone.

The essential features of Prodigy:

  • Over 1,200 important math skills: Prodigy caters to a broad range of students. On the one hand it develops the basic mathematical skills for students just entering into the world of quantitative skill-based knowledge; on the other hand, it also readies students to opt for any standardized testing after class VIII. It covers all the major topics of the school syllabus. Hence, a student never feels out of touch of the lessons taught in his/her institution.
  • Addresses individual needs: Prodigy doesn’t thrust the burden of knowledge among its users. Those who have already used this app know that it works according to the individual learning pace of every kid. The app has its own diagnostic test to place students in their correct grade. Features like automatic differentiation and embedded assessments inform parents about their children’s learning abilities.
  • Coordinates with classroom 24×7: All the mathematical problems that a student solves in the Prodigy app are reported back to the users’ guardians or teachers in real time. Parents or teachers can get a direct report on the specific skills a student has mastered through this app.
  • Free facility: All the programs, access, and reporting facilities are free in Prodigy, and it will remain the same forever. It is chargeable only after the optional parent upgrade which unlocks the extra games for its users.

Importance of Prodigy: There are 1400 plus basic math skills in this app. If students want to master the foundation skills of the subject, then there is no other way than honing their quantitative skills on Prodigy. The app can be used in laptop, tablet or any other device. It is loaded with funny cartoons and graphics that make it the best math learning app for kids.

The Pokemon-style math game keeps children glued to this app for hours. It follows the Ontario curriculum. The sign up is easy. All you need to do is to hit the “Register For Free” button and create an account and enter your information before starting the exciting games. You can also print your students’ account information and learning history from the app. This helps a lot in terms of improving parental guidance. Also, a student gets to know which areas he or she needs to work on to achieve better scores in math exams.

Several math learning apps are coming in every day. There is no point in trying each of them. First, decide which app caters to the need of your student or children. If their understanding and pace can match with the app they are following, they can sharpen their math skills. Accordingly, download the best app that suits your criteria and start taking its benefits.

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