4 Best Matching Shapes for Toddlers Games

4 Best Matching Shapes for Toddlers Games

Teaching toddlers about matching shapes can be great fun! Check out the fun and educational ways to introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of shapes!

Shapes Collage

Making a shapes collage provides a visual and tactile experience for toddlers learning their shapes. You can be creative with this activity with the supplies you choose, and if you play your cards right, you don’t have to spend any money on this activity. Toddlers can use magazines, newspaper, or pieces of fabric to cut out shapes or cut out pictures of objects with basic shapes. You and your toddler can then glue these cutouts to fun surfaces such as construction paper or paper plates. They can get even more creative by creating a picture with the cutout shapes.


Mathlingo is an app for teaching toddlers how to match basic shapes. The app features fun and happy sea creatures who interact with toddlers as they learn their shapes.  The purpose of Mathlingo is helping toddlers grow and develop by providing fun experiences and interactive learning. Parents who want to provide their toddler with an educational app that makes learning fun will love Mathlingo! This app allows toddlers to get a head start in matching skills and shape recognition, along with learning basic math skills. Mathlingo is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded at: Google App store or the Apple store.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

Going on a shape scavenger hunt is an exciting way to teach toddlers their shapes. Toddlers will love the adventure of this game! Provide your toddler with something to collect objects in such as a recycled grocery bag, or any container you have around the house. Then, embark on your shape-searching adventure. You can hunt within the walls of your home, or venture into the yard or to a park, or any place you have available that will provide objects that match basic shapes. Once you have collected your objects, you and your toddler can head back home and sort and count them. Then, they can display some of them as keepsakes!

Cyberchase Shape Quest

Cyberchase Shape Quest is an app by the PBS Network and uses two characters from one of the networks animated series. While using the app to recognize and match shapes, toddlers follow a group of children who help “Mother Board” protect cyberspace from “The Hacker”. CyberchaseShape Quest focuses on the understanding of shapes and angles and is suitable for a wide range of abilities. The app consists of 3 games which use interactive play in various ways to introduce toddlers to matching shapes.

Teach your kid about matching shapes with these fun and educational activities and games. Remember that you can be creative with the materials you use. Undoubtedly, your toddler would like to help you with the choices!

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