Top 2 Kids Apps for Learning Addition and Subtraction

Top 2 Kids Apps for Learning Addition and Subtraction

The fundamentals of maths can seem like a menacing or forboding concept. But when you look at a child’s brain and the way they learn it becomes much easier. Young minds excel when presented with problems in play and they love to overcome them, which is why the market for apps and games that lean into that core concept has exploded in the past few years. There is a wealth of apps and websites marketing educational content that elicits as much laughter as it does learning and that is why we’ve scoured the cream of the crop to present two of its finest offerings.

There are many games that might promise a lot but never actually deliver and it depends on what parameters you’re truly focused on which one might work out best for you. We’ve taken the major considerations into account when narrowing it down to these two final contenders. The first being price; whilst many apps claim to be free there are many that later offer additional supplement or price walls between your child’s benefit or enjoyment. In this respect, we’ve leaned towards value in regards to how much spend and how much gain you actually get. The second and perhaps most important measuring stick is educational benefit and how much improvement and the quality of the learning the app offers. Finally, we looked at enjoyment and how much entertainment the app provides; whether your child will actually want to engage with it or not. When it comes to learning addition and subtraction these are the best two that we found.

1. Mathlingo

This is a great new app that mixes beautiful graphics and intuitive interaction. It’s easy to use and a pleasure to play. The games are all expertly designed to bring your child into the fundamental basics of mathematics and to get them to enjoy interacting with them. The characters are memorable and colorful and the interface easy to navigate to ensure that repeat visits continue to provide not only an educational experience but an enjoyable one. The app offers a broad range of lessons across the board and to every age range and difficulty. As your child progresses they are rewarded with fanfare in the form of stunning visual trophies and encouragement. The games geared around learning addition and subtraction at a basic level are by far the best designed and they have many different ways in which they present problems in order to keep them fresh and original whilst retaining their charm and challenge.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

2. Counting Caterpillar

This app is absolutely gorgeous. You can watch your child play over their shoulder and possibly get as much as enjoyment as they will. The core concept is quite basic, you play as a hungry caterpillar and you have to collect numbered aphids in order to complete a sum. As your child progresses they earn ever more exotic and beautiful butterflies which they can display in a trophy case to encourage their improvement and showcase their achievement. It may not be the most challenging app on the market but it does introduce and improve upon the learning addition and subtraction model that is the fundamental concept behind the basics of mathematics.

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