3 Fun Ways to Learn How to Count

3 Fun Ways to Learn How to Count

It’s important that we put as much fun into learning as possible, especially with younger children; not only because it helps them to see education as something they enjoy, but because it will help them to retain and remember that information too.

The link between play and learning is a strong one and you can use that to your advantage by introducing key concepts and subjects early on with fun games that will keep your little ones laughing and learning at the same time.

1. Duplo/Lego Towers

Lego is a fantastic learning tool in and of itself; it helps build hand-eye coordination as well as encouraging creativity in your child by providing them a sandbox with which they can create anything they can imagine. You can also turn it into a great way to learn how to count as well though. Simply draw the numbers from 1 to 10 on the side of some bricks of different colors and then ask them to build a tower with them in order, or ask them to build you a bridge only using 5 red bricks. There are lots of little games you can play together like this just hinting at numbers and recognition, it may not seem like a lot, but it’s the building blocks that will provide them with steady footing once they get to school.

2. An Abacus

An abacus is a classic and should be a staple of any crib or playpen. If you buy one with lovely brightly colored beads your child will not be able to resist moving them around. You introduce the concept of counting slowly by getting them to move them into order or get them to count off as they play. You can play with the abacus yourself to show them how it’s done. Another wonderful way to use the abacus to learn how to count is by introducing music, songs like 10 green bottles are a perfect accompaniment.

3. Online Games

We live in a beautiful age in that most of us now have access to a wonderful array of educational tools free of charge. The internet serves up a great many different ways that can help a child learn how to count. If you are at the start of the journey there are some fun tools that help them trace the numbers and slowly get to recognize them through that process. For the more advanced there are addition and subtraction games to keep them entertained and educated. There are also apps that you can download such as Mathlingo that can help track, record and shape your child’s progress as they learn. With something as easy as a quick Google search you can find colorful and creative games that will educate and entertain. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

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