3 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Basic Mathematics

3 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Basic Mathematics

Beginning around the age of two, kids are developmentally ready to be introduced to counting and basic math skills such as simple addition and subtraction. At first, you will teach counting numbers 1 through 5, then 1 through 10. Then, you will use these numbers in real problem-solving contexts. Helping your kids to learn basic mathematics can be a fun adventure that can be worked into your day-to-day life. There are also fun and educational activities that you and your kids can engage in, as well as using technology to help them learn basic math. Here are 3 fun ways to help your kids learn basic mathematics.

Math in Day-to-Day Life

Learning basic mathematics can be worked into day-to-day life in 3 ways.

  • Count with Your Child

You can count the number of plates that you need to set the table or count the number of toys on the floor as you pick them up along with your toddler. You can also count stop signs on the way to school or steps on a staircase.

  • Work on Number Recognition

Number recognition can be taught by using sidewalk chalk on your driveway. You can set up a hopscotch grid with numbers in the squares that your child can jump through while counting. You can also simply draw numbers in random placements and have your child count as they move from number to number in the proper order.

  • For older children, you can demonstrate ways that you use math on a day-to-day basis such as pointing out prices at the grocery store or the lines used on measuring cups.

These days, kids respond well to learning through technology since they are so familiar with it.


Mathlingo, launched in January 2019, is a free mobile app compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. This app features endearing, animated sea animals to captivate kids so that they both learn and have fun while learning basic mathematics. Mathlingo offers kids an interactive learning experience to teach them basic math skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction. Mathlingo offers educational entertainment beyond math. Kindergarteners can also learn shape recognition and matching skills with Mathlingo. Mathlingo is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded at: Google App store or the Apple store

Number Scavenger Hunt

Going on a scavenger hunt with your child is an adventurous way to teach basic math. Take a walk around your house or take a nature walk. As you walk with your child, “assign” certain objects that you want them to find and apply a number to each object. For instance, you can ask your child to find 5 rocks, 10 sticks, or 6 toys. If you are looking for toys, you can even pick up while your child learns!

Learning math doesn’t have to be something that your child only learns at school. This important skill can be worked into daily life, learned through interactive technology, or incorporated into an adventure.

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