Top 4 Math and Shapes Apps for Kindergarten

Top 4 Math and Shapes Apps for Kindergarten

Children learn through play, their minds are constantly exploring and experiencing the world around them. Tapping into this natural and boundless curiosity is the trick behind education that is not only fun but really works.

With the coming of the digital age, we are seeing more and more tech-friendly apps and games specifically designed to be used on the ever-expanding roster of handheld devices we have access too. Why shouldn’t you turn your smartphone into a portable math tutor? Here is our pick of the top 5 apps for teaching kindergarten math shapes.


Mathlingo is a little more focused on numeracy and to a higher standard than its sister app Zoolingo; if your little ones are ready for a bigger challenge or you want to focus purely on mathematics then this is the app for you. With an aquatic theme, the app is still filled with adorably cute sea critters that will help guide your children through the exciting games that lie in store at the bottom of the sea.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Dino Tim

Dino Tim is an amazing app and somehow the core functionality is completely free, there are some in-game purchases and advertisements though and fair warning they’re not the easiest to navigate so you may want to check it out for yourself first. Once you’re through that though there is a wealth of fantastic, fun, free education in store! The games are simple and easy to grasp whilst also building upon themselves and increasing in difficulty. It has a broad spectrum of topics and subjects to focus on and your kids are sure to never be bored.


Mafooly is a beautiful app that features a wide range of different games and activities. It teaches basic numeracy and the alphabet too, all whilst featuring colorful and entertaining animation and a wide range of fun characters to keep your children interested. Zoolingo app is perfect for learners just starting out on their educational journey and introduces a wide range of concepts and core skills.

Counting Caterpillar

This app is absolutely gorgeous. You could happily watch as your child learns and plays from over their shoulder and you’d be just as engrossed as they are. Counting Caterpillar stunning visuals and animations, this clever little game teaches your child the basics of numeracy in a fun way. This app is number based and you could ask to identify shapes and incorporate it yourself, especially with all the beautiful butterflies you earn as marks of your progress.

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