2 Best Ways of Introducing 3D Shapes to Kindergarteners

2 Best Ways of Introducing 3D Shapes to Kindergarteners

Once kindergarteners have a good grasp on recognizing basic shapes and the terminology that goes along with them, such as “straight” and “round”, it’s time for the real shape fun! They get to learn about 3D shapes, but how do you go about teaching the tricky concept of 3 dimensions and related terminology to kindergarteners? The key is to make introducing 3D shapes to kindergarteners fun and hands-on. Here are the 2 best ways to introduce your kindergartener to 3D shapes.

Eating 3D Shapes Activity

For this fun and educational activity, kids not only get to put their hands on the materials. They get to eat them! You can use any food you choose, as long as it has a definite 3D shape. Don’t pull out the oatmeal, or you’ll have the kids really confused! First, get your hands on various foods that cover basic 3D shapes such as a cone, cube, and cylinder. Examples of foods you can use are:

  • Bugles or any other cone-shaped food
  • Croutons or cheese cubes, or any food that is cube-shaped
  • Marshmallows or any food shaped like a cylinder

Place the supplies on a table with different numbers of each. Sit at the table with your child and discuss the various shapes, introducing the terminology mentioned above as well as terms like “flat”, “curved”, and “diagonal”. You can opt to introduce these terms later after your child has a strong grasp of the basic terminology of 3D shapes. Next, ask your child to pick out all the cones and put them in a designated place on the table, and so on with the other 3 shapes. Finally, have your child count each 3D-shaped food items, just to throw in some counting skills. If you want to continue this activity in a fun way, walk around the house or outside with your child, matching other found objects to the food items.


For a more modern way to introduce your kindergartener to 3D Shapes, Mathlingo is an app that teaches children shape recognition and matching, and basic math skills through interactive learning. This app is the best tech game on the market for introducing 3D shapes to kindergarteners. Mathlingo features fun and endearing ocean animals that help children become engaged and captivated while learning.

The goal of Mathlingo is to help your kindergartener to develop and grow through hands-on learning and fun experiences. This app is perfect for parents who are looking for an educational app that is designed to support healthy learning and development. Mathlingo is compatible with iOS and Android systems and can be downloaded at: Google App store or the Apple store.

When it’s time for your kindergartener to move up from basic shapes to 3D ones, these are the 2 best ways of introducing 3D shapes to kindergarteners. Traditional hands-on learning like the Eating Shapes activity will never go out of style, but Mathlingo is the best tech choice for teaching 3D shapes.

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