Top 3 Interactive Subtraction Games for Kids

Top 3 Interactive Subtraction Games for Kids

The hours that go in drilling the concepts of math deep within the mind of a child constitutes a number of hours of practice. Difficult, and more complex concepts such as subtraction, multiplication, and division take a great deal of time to master which can only come about with repetition when both the child and teacher or parent are completely invested in the process of learning. Making use of games for math learning combines the best of entertainment and knowledge are a great way to add variety into learning the basic principles that might be challenging at first hand.

Since math is a subject that follows a child all through his/her formative years, it is essential to get the basics right while developing a liking for the subject in the process. Math games online are an excellent resource for children to use at home so as to reinforce the fundamentals that might have been taught at school or perhaps home. The fact that they are fun makes them an excellent source of a reward system that kids can look forward to.

Of the many choices that the internet offers as a source of learning in the form of math games, here are some of the best. These online resources offer math games for fluency and math practice for young children right from preschool up to grade three. Based on the clarity of instructions, the appeal of the website design alongside the use of graphics, depth of resources and number of math problems or activities on the website, here are the top 3 interactive subtraction games for kids:

1. Adaptive Mind

Adaptive Mind features lessons as well as games for both math as well as reading. Math exercises cover material that is appropriate for children in grade 1 all the way up to grade 8. The topics range from counting, telling time, addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry as well as decimals. Each grade level offers hundreds of lessons while the interactive graphics appeal to the imagination of children and in some cases, adults too!

Upon signing in, a menu is displayed which depicts the grade along with the number of lessons offered. On selecting a given grade, the topics are displayed giving children the ability to choose what they would like to learn.

There happens to be a paid version that involves membership and access to additional resources that may be more comprehensive with instructions. Another nice feature is that the free version allows for the ability to create an account and save your progress for future reference.

2. Math Goodies

Math Goodies offer interactive games, lessons, and puzzles for children in kindergarten right through grade 5. The best part is that it’s completely free of charge! The material covers a comprehensive range of topics such as addition, subtraction, decimals, graphs, and word problems. Worksheets too can be downloaded for continued practice offline as well. Some of the games offered indicate the difficulty level which could range from easy, medium and hard. There also is access to solutions of the problems and a feature to search for specific content. It is important that parents monitor their child’s progress as there might be a tendency for kids to pick easy settings and not venture out into challenging material.

The site offers a robust amount of information that is very useful in imparting the basics of math to kids.

3. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is yet another interactive math game that has a number of features to offer. Essentially themed underwater, the app comes with an interactive home page with submarines to represent the options which include addition, subtraction as well as geometry. Interestingly, the app categorizes topics according to numbers which cover addition and subtraction up to 5 and 10 respectively. Subtraction in itself is covered in many topics including the likes of subtraction with pictures, numbers and word problems. If a comprehensive app that covers every aspect of a topic is what you seek, then Mathlingo seems like the right choice.

Their website is dedicated to holistic learning as it combines blog posts and reviews of other math apps that can help your child develop a liking towards math.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

The Importance of Subtraction

Needless to say, subtraction is one of the most important skills that children require right with addition. Subtraction is essential for every kind of computation and a solid understanding of subtraction concepts and skills lay down the foundation for the division as well as fractions.

Math Challenges that Kids might Face

Subtraction is a much harder concept than addition as the latter involves counting forward. Subtraction, however, is the reverse of that as it involves counting backward which is counter-intuitive to the concept of addition. Some children have trouble memorizing facts and figures. Without the foundation of math concepts, it would be very difficult for children to understand further concepts that they might encounter as they climb up each grade.

Overcoming Challenges

In order to overcome the challenges that children might face when it comes to math, it is essential to lay a strong groundwork of learning concepts such as addition well. This would, in turn, lay the foundation of subtraction as the two are tightly coupled.

Also, while teaching your child subtraction, make sure that you lay out the connection between addition as well as subtraction so that it’s easier to relate the two.

Practice, of course, makes perfect and there’s no limit to how much you can practice! From math stories, fun activities to interactive subtraction games you can experiment with just about any educational material.

You could also make use of drill and memorization to make a child’s knowledge of subtraction facts automatic. Once they have a grasp of the general concept of subtraction, you can shift gear into building accuracy and speed via activities, and games.

Make use of the subtraction games mentioned in this post to enable your child to get the concepts right, right from the start!

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