5 Best Interactive Subtraction Games for Kindergarten

5 Best Interactive Subtraction Games for Kindergarten

The way we learn has always been evolving and changing and now more than ever the choices available to children are the greatest it’s ever been. Whether online or offline there are more knowledge, games, and choices to help give them the best possible start to life.

Education only works if it’s entertaining; sparking the fire in the quest for betterment and knowledge should always be something that’s fun. If you’re laughing, you’re learning. That’s why as parents and teachers we have to make sure that our lessons are enjoyable.

Playing is the most important activity for young minds and choosing activities that are both fun and functional can help shape your child’s brain for the years to come. Here is our pick of the 5 best interactive subtraction games for kindergarten and younger children.

Play With Your Food

This is a great little game to play around mealtimes with any food you have a lot of… with the exception being rice, there might be too much rice. If your little angel is nearing the end of their sweetcorn, chips, peas, or other miscellaneous nuggets, count off the remaining pieces. It’s a simple enough practice and one that we all go through trying to finish a troublesome plate, but it’s an excellent learning and can turn a salty experience sweet.

Counting Caterpillar

This beautifully designed app doesn’t focus solely on subtraction but does feature the broader scope of arithmetic at its core. You answer simple mathematical questions in order to feed your caterpillar who as you progress becomes a butterfly. The game’s design and aesthetic are so pleasing and the trophy case to track achievement mean your kids will be begging to play more and practice math.

Setting Up Shop

Another classic children’s game for Mummy and Daddy to join in with. Get them to set up a store, whatever they want to sell, help them build a counter and an array of goods and choose a simple currency to trade in. Did someone say magic beans? Then simply act as customers coming in to buy different goods and ask for the price, haggle a little, then get them to give you the correct change. Not only great subtraction practice but economics too.


The second app to make the list because it just serves up so much. This app features the broad scope of different basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, recognizing shapes and numeracy. The games are fun and varied and it has great animation, characters, and celebrations fitting the aquatic theme. It’s another example of technology providing the platform to entertaining education.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Counting Cards

Playing cards conveniently feature a deck of cards going up to ten and they’re an excellent way to play and learn. Sort two suits to be the reward and place them numbered one to ten at the head of the table. Then both play cards from the remaining shuffled deck, subtract the smaller from the larger and the first person to get the sum right gets to take the answer from their chosen suit. The first person to get all ten of their suit wins or at least the squabbling commences.

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