3 Great Math Apps for kids

3 Great Math Apps for kids

Kids may not be conscious of the importance to learn a particular math skill. When parents help out with their homework, it is important to encourage a child to have a positive attitude towards learning math because this can help a lot in his life and career.

Logical and critical thinking

There are many things that we can learn from math and some of them are logic and order. For example, you can expect a mathematical equation to follow a certain order and logic. This can instill discipline among children and they can carry this to their adult life. There are companies that will hire those who are good at math because they believe that you are trained to think. Math can also enhance your critical thinking skills. An example of critical thinking is when you are asked to explain how you arrived at your answer.

Teaches life skills

It is impossible to be independent without learning basic math skills. Learning basic math skills should start during the early kindergarten days. According to research, learning early math skills show that children who are taught math at a very young age are set towards a lifetime of achievement throughout their academic life. Math is present in everything that we do. From the moment we open our eyes until we go to sleep. You need math in everyday life and it is totally hard to go through life if you do not know math.

Math can be taught at an earlier age. While addition and subtraction can be quite complicated for toddlers, you can start with counting and number recognition. Parents can encourage a natural understanding of math concepts so that children can build on them later. This can be done by providing toys and activities that can enhance math skills. Just like teaching reading and writing at an early age, it is also good to start math at an early age. The earlier the child can develop math skills, the higher the likelihood that he will be an achiever.

Early math education can be done by simply providing toys such as blocks that allows the child to develop the concept of numbers. Choose books and educational videos that concentrate on numbers and counting. Above all, it is important to guide a child and teach him simple counting activities just like when you spend time reading a story to him.

Early math is as important as early reading and writing because learning math can actually improve a child’s reading and writing skills. Give your child a head start with math because this can ensure a good future for him.

Educational Apps for Kids

There are many great math apps for kids today. With the advancement in technology, learning can be done on gadgets. While some people frown on letting kids use tablets and smartphones, some are letting their kids use these gadgets because they become more interested in learning things the fun way. Educational apps are popular in both the App Store and Google Play store. Below are some of the interesting apps that you can download for your kids that they will surely love.


This is an early learning app that is interesting and fun. Mathlingo is made for preschool toddlers and kindergarten kids so that they can have a headstart on counting, addition, subtraction, matching, and shape recognition. This app has an ocean theme where there are cute animals that will guide your child as he goes along answering different math problems. Whether you are at home or outside, you can easily access this app.

This is a good app where children can learn the basic math skills that they will need in school. The educational puzzle content, fun sea animals animations, attractive effects, interesting sounds, and easy gameplay can get your child hooked on this game.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Kindergarten Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games for Kids Free is an award-winning math app for kids 4-6 years old. Kids are very eager to learn new things especially if the app has a cool and interactive interface that can get kids hooked for a long time. This app is a great way to learn numbers, shapes, counting and many more.

Toddler Counting 123 – Learn to count for kids!

This is a simple app that has good graphics and is user-friendly. With this app, witness your toddler discover the simple joy of learning to count as they can go along with the app. This is designed with the kids in mind and there is a fun learning all the way.

There are no complicated menus in this game. Just tap away and have fun. Parents can also check the pace of learning with the options where you can watch your child learn to count from smallest to largest number, or by random.

This app has been recorded by native speakers from 14 different languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, and Norwegian.

Using technology in education has grown a lot. There are plenty of advantages to using learning apps. Some are listed below.

Individual learning

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Each has a different developmental level and different learning style. Some may learn faster through visual techniques while others learn faster on their own. With the use of apps, the child can go back to the topic that is giving him a hard time and redo it until he becomes familiar with it.


Mobile apps can encourage kids to improve their skills and encourage them to learn new stuff because of the colorful features of the app. Even their vocabulary can improve a lot because these apps have voiceovers. You will notice that kids will learn faster when they are entertained.

Productive time

Instead of watching TV, educational apps can now occupy a kid’s time. Free time can now be spent wisely because they are engrossed in finishing a level.

Gadget use is not that bad all as long as parents monitor how kids are using them and what they’re watching or playing. But if you see to it that you only install educational apps, then you can be sure that kids will learn and have fun at the same time.

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