Best Fun Math Games for Kids of 2019

Best Fun Math Games for Kids of 2019

Does your child need a little extra help with math? Many kids fall behind in math, and sometimes, as a parent, you simply can’t help them. This may be due to the focus on new methods, or you may simply not know how to teach the process to your child. That’s not a failure on your part—different people have different learning techniques.

For children, one of the best ways of learning is to turn it into a game. This gives them an incentive to work through the problems and helps reinforce the lesson. If your child needs some extra help with math, here are some of the best fun math games you’ll find in 2019.


The Public Broadcast System is known for bringing some of the best educational programs into your living room, and now your child can add PBS to their PC or mobile device. The games in KIDS Lab focus on a variety of subjects: math, reading, vocabulary, measurements, and more. Some are designed for children as young as three years old, while others are aimed at students in early elementary school. As your children get older, you may need to find a new resource to use, but while they’re young, it’s hard to beat PBS KIDS Lab.

Marble Math

Marble Math doesn’t necessarily appear to be teaching math at first glance, but the challenges it presents require students to make use of math and critical thinking. It’s more on the game end of the spectrum than some apps and websites out there, but it’s designed that way to hold the player’s attention. This is especially helpful since it’s designed for students between nine and twelve years old. These older students don’t always want to do homework, so it’s helpful to disguise learning as fun math game. Marble Math is easy to play, offers help with a number of different math functions, and is available on a number of mobile platforms for a very low price.

Math Snacks

For those ages ten and above who need a bit of extra help with math, Math Snacks is a good option. This game includes math games and videos that are designed to be absorbed within a few minutes. Math Snacks were created by the New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab after research into helping those who dislike math to learn the skills they need to complete middle and high school courses. These fun math games are designed to be fun and engaging while teaching math skills in short bursts. Best of all, Math Snacks is free. It’s available online and has three iOS app versions of games. Math Snacks is available in Spanish as well as in English.

If your child is in need of some extra math lessons, one of these websites/apps is sure to help them. You may even learn a few things, too.

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