3 Best Fun Math Games for Kids

3 Best Fun Math Games for Kids

We learn by playing, it’s how we interact with and introduce ourselves to the world around us. Curiosity and intelligence go hand in hand and during play, we are often asking questions and getting answers. So why not treat education in the same way? Especially for younger children if it isn’t fun then it isn’t functional. They will receive and retain so much more information if they are entertained and engaged. That’s why it’s so important for them to be playing educational games.

We’ve put together a quick list of some great games that will keep your kids laughing and learning at the same time. Math is a subject that gets a bad reputation and if done wrong it can be boring, repetitive, highly frustrating, and sometimes seemingly pointless. We’ve found some of the best fun math games for kids that make the subject more accessible and a lot more enjoyable. This is far from an exhaustive list though and it’s focused on only the one subject and this is a concept that holds true for education across the board. It’s important to get young minds active and keep them that way so why not try finding some similarly inspiring games and apps covering other subjects too?

1. Play Cards

We’ll start with a quick and simple game that you can play with your kids that every household should have access to. Everyone has a deck of cards and it just so happens that your standard deck of playing cards conveniently only go up to 10, a number even the littlest little ones who are just learning their numbers can handle. Remove any face cards to avoid confusion and then invent some simple maths based games you can play together. You could draw a card each and the highest card wins, this will help number recognition for the very small. Perhaps you both draw two cards and then you must subtract the lower from the higher with the answer being your score. The first to 20 wins? There is so much you can do and it’s an easy way to engage with your child’s education and have fun whilst you’re doing it. Sometimes the most fun maths games for kids are the simplest ones too.

2. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is a fantastic new app that serves up everything it needs to in order to secure itself as one of the most fun maths games for kids. This brilliant little toddler trainer introduces all of the main concepts of numeracy in fun and manageable chunks. You can watch as your child progresses through the different challenges as they progress in difficulty. The aquatically themed app features a rich cast of characters and a varied roster of different games covering every topic from addition and subtraction, to multiplication and fractions. It poses its mathematical questions in word, numeral, and picture framing in order to explore every aspect of understanding. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Counting Caterpillar

What can we say other than how absolutely beautiful this wonderful game is. The bright colors, delightful animation, and charming characters will keep your kids fascinated for hours. The game itself is quite easy and suitable for all ages, it does slowly build in difficulty and is a great start for those just beginning their mathematical journey, find out more.

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