Five Fun Math Apps of 2019

Five Fun Math Apps of 2019

Children are becoming increasingly addicted to the world of digital apps and downloads. They are an excellent solution for parents and provide solutions that help start their children on the right foot for school. Math is one of the most readily accessible subjects that lends itself well to the app world, but this has made selecting suitable apps difficult because there’s just so many. These are five fun math apps that are suitable for young children:

1. 123 Numbers by RV AppStudios

123 Numbers holds critical acclaim in the app world by one of the editor’s top choices in the Google Play Store. It is described as a fun, free way for preschoolers to learn the basics of mathematics, including counting and arithmetic along with laying the foundations of how to trace and write numbers on their own. Its bright and colorful graphics with engaging surroundings are definitely a hit with the younger segment as well.

2. Mathlingo by Mafooly

Children often learn best when their education is fun, accessible, and appeals to their young minds and Mathlingo does this perfectly. It provides children with a wealth of games applicable to the preschool age with the basics of counting, addition, subtraction, and includes introductory lessons on shapes and matching games for younger minds. Children are sure to go to school well-equipped for their earliest math lessons with the teachings of Mathlingo.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Learn Numbers by GunjanApps Studios

Learn Numbers is a part of the developer’s 123 Kids series of apps for the earliest years in school. Here, children will learn about the basics of counting and writing numbers through lively games. It is perhaps less appealing to a younger mind with its slightly generic design, but it is a functionally sound app that teaches correct lessons applicable to the age group.

4. Preschool Kids Presents Numbers and Math by Genius Games

An interesting mention on this list, Numbers, and Math is a part of Genius Games’ Preschool Kids series and goes beyond what would be expected from children of this age. It not only covers the basics of addition and subtraction completely but also includes lessons on sequencing and number line arrangement that are usually found in the first grade and beyond. While it provides a good learning experience for children and is well worth downloading, its content is suited for the slightly elder group as well or for those who show a strong aptitude for the subject at preschool age.

5. Kids Learn Math by Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

While rudimentary in its design, Kids Learn Math is one of the more popular choices; having initiated over five million downloads in the Google Play Store. It’s not likely to win any awards for its creativity or design, but does provide a more than a suitable learning experience for early math topics and is likely best suited for those with limited space on their mobile devices.

When it comes to the most fun math apps of 2019, then Mathlingo should be considered a parent’s first port of call when it comes to combining both education and engagement through fun, accessible characters that appeal to the young minds. It’s certainly a mainstay app in an otherwise very crowded marketplace.

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