Children Learning Shapes Made Easy

Children Learning Shapes Made Easy

One of the first concepts that preschoolers learn is identifying shapes. They learn to distinguish among varying shapes and categorize them based on their unique characteristics. They will begin to find shapes in everyday things. Here are 7 activities, games, and apps that will make it easy and fun for children to explore shapes in all kinds of ways.

Create a Shapes Photo Book

Kids love to take pictures and, these days, their favorite camera is usually Mom or Dad’s phone, right? Before you begin searching for shapes with your child, choose a picture book about shapes so that your child has solid visuals of what he or she is looking for. Then, take a walk around the house or somewhere outside where your child can scavenge for shapes in everyday and natural objects. Then, you can print the pictures from your computer, or create a folder on your computer drive that your child can look at any time. It will be his or her own picture book!

Make a Shape Collage

Provide pre-cut shapes for children to use to make a picture. Ask them about their picture and write down what they say. Also, ask them to describe the shapes they used. More advanced learners can try drawing the shapes on construction paper, cut them out, and glue them on another piece of paper. Kids love cutting and gluing! This is an entertaining, easy, and hands-on way to learn shapes.

Mathlingo App

Mathlingo is an app that provides interactive early learning of basic shapes. This app uses endearing, animated ocean creatures to captivate kindergarteners, so they are entertained as they get a head start on shape recognition, matching skills, and puzzle geometry. Mathlingo offers educational entertainment beyond teaching shapes. Mathlingo is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. For a nominal fee, Mathlingo Premium provides additional activities, puzzles, mini-games, and educational content.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the Google App store or the Apple store.

Wikki Sticks

Wikki Sticks are an excellent tactile tool for making learning shapes easy and fun. These are colorful sticks that can be bent and molded into shapes and then affixed to various surfaces. Children love the sticky texture of this learning tool, so molding the sticks into shapes is both fun and educational. Suggested surfaces for the stick are paper plates, construction paper, scraps of fabric, or pieces of wood. Felt is not a good surface to choose since the fibers will come off and stick to little fingers.

These activities and apps will definitely make learning shapes easy and fun. Whenever the interactive play is involved in learning, children are more focused on the fun that they may not even realize they are learning. Any of these approaches make children learning shapes easy!

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