3 Best Math Apps for Kids

3 Best Math Apps for Kids

Learning and laughter should go hand in hand, it’s been proven that enjoying education makes it stick in our memory and makes it an experience that your children will actively seek out. It’s a beautiful age we live in and it’s never been easier to access exciting games that teach and titillate our kid’s imagination.

These games get your youngster’s brains ticking whilst introducing them to the key concepts and systems that will allow them to tackle mathematics at a more academic level later on. These apps contain a vast array of features to keep users coming back for more. Here’s our pick of the best math apps for kids.

1. Mathmateer

Voted one of the best math apps for kids this one is aimed at children of an elementary school level. The app features a system that rewards the user for completing the mathematical challenges and tasks within with in-game currency. They can then use that currency to fund and build a spaceship to launch into space. The games are all beautifully animated and a perfect balance of entertainment and education. As they grow and progress through the games in the app the Mathmateers are constantly rewarded and encouraged. Check out on the App Store.

2. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is a fantastic new app aimed at the younger learner that takes them from the very beginning of their numerical journey and provides them with all the building blocks of an incredibly strong platform to begin at school. It has a wealth of fun games that feature bright colors and cool characters to keep them coming back for more. Whether focusing on addition and subtraction or going into multiplication and fractions there are lots of games for varying skill levels and covering a wide range of different approaches. The app has word games, numerical sums and even picture puzzles offering something new every time your child logs in. The aquatic theme and stunningly ease of use of this app mean it’s a true delight to play and you can watch your child as they progress and improve from the apps tutelage. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

3. Counting Caterpillar

This is definitely one of the best math apps for kids on the market. Counting Caterpillar is aimed firmly at the youngest children and introduces them to numbers and mathematics in general with fantastic style. Its gorgeous visuals are accompanied by a simple but steady increase in difficulty game that will see your child learning to count and recognize numbers and enjoy doing so. The aim of the game is to count and catch aphids in order to earn beautiful butterflies that are then displayed in an in-game gallery to mark your child’s progress. Reward systems like these keep your child interested and motivate them to keep coming back to improve themselves.

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