Best Apps for Teaching Math to Kids

Best Apps for Teaching Math to Kids

Introduction: It is indeed a challenge for parents and teachers to get their children and students stay focused while studying, courtesy various games and gadgets. Also, we all know that math is one of the most important subjects on which the entire career of a student can be built on.

Therefore, learning the foundations of the subject is very important for a school-going kid. Learning math needs rapt attention and focus. So, to grab the students’ attention for long for uninterrupted learning modern day teachers are resorting to various new-age ideas. Apps are one of them.

Math with an app: Apps are a smart and fun way to teach this subject in which many students are still weak. Math as a subject has sufficiently earned a bad name among students of all backgrounds. Scoring poorly in math hampers the overall percentile of a student’s marks. Hence, teachers and wise parents are taking help from the latest best apps for teaching math to their children. Let’s find out how these apps function and help kids hone their skills.

1. Math training for kids: This app works for developing the basics of math. It is meant for students aged 3 years onwards. This is an Android-based app and it helps students learn the elementary mathematical functions such as addition, subscription, division and multiplication in a neat and simple way. Several games and practice exercises are there in this app for students to revise their lessons.

2. Prodigy Games: This is another popular app among both students and teachers. This app works best for students studying in class I – VIII. Prodigy Game is free on the Android, iOS and web platforms. Through his app, math-based learning programs can be conducted in the classroom and it also helps in homework projects. Built-in diagnostic tests are another important feature of this app.

3. CK12: This is a free app which is available on Windows8, iPhone, iPad, Android and web platforms. In CK12, you will find high-quality content with the latest technology. The interactive learning pattern here offers PLIX, simulations and adaptive practice.

4. Photomath: This app allows taking a snap of the math problem and getting it done by step by step solution. Right from basic arithmetic to fractions to trigonometry, quadratic equations and linear equations, all these mathematical problems can be solved quite easily through this app. Many teachers recommend this app for homework projects.

5. Colorado’s PhET: Colorado University’s PhET simulations project is very popular as a classroom tool for the teachers of math and progressive science. This app provides animated illustrations that can be incorporated into homework assignments and lectures so that students can learn their lessons in a lucid manner.

6. Khan Academy: Bollywood actor Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, is behind one of these best apps for teaching math. The actor uploaded a few videos on Algebra to teach his cousin in a remote area. The videos got thousands of views, now Khan Academy offers free lessons to students from the farthest corner of the country through their app and videos.

7. Mathlingo: Mathlingo is another fun way of learning mathematics. The app offers a wide array of interesting games that require basic skills of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and other quantitative knowledge. The games are divided in different grades as per their difficulty level. The app offers lessons for each game on how to play them. This is not just a fun way of learning the important lessons of math, but also builds a competitive attitude among students.

To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

8. GeometryPad: Many students find geometry a hard nut to crack. But with this app students can get a clarified idea about the basic geometry lessons. This app is popular among teachers too as it helps engage students in classroom activities in a better way. Assignments for the home can be sent through this app that allows students to experiment with different geometrical shapes and complex sketches.

9. BuzzMath: BuzzMath is considered one of the best apps for teaching math as it offers over 3000 problems aligned with the common core state standards. Parents and teachers love this app as it is user-friendly and can be accessed from any device. Abstract mathematical concepts are explained through this app by using concrete objects. Besides, the app also has a collection of over 500 learning games and videos. Once you get the free trial, you can subscribe to this app for regular lessons.

10. Singapore Math: We are all aware that students in Singapore are especially skilled in math. It for their unique teaching methods that students feel at ease in learning even the most complex concepts of the subject. The methods are compatible with the CCSS. Now keeping this point in mind, this app has been designed. Hundreds of learning games and educational videos are available in this app that makes students fight their fears for the subject.

11. MyScript Calculator: This app is another unique one as it works by using your handwriting. It has been designed for the Android devices and all the features of this app are smart, simple and intuitive. Long calculations, especially in arithmetic, are performed in a jiffy through this app.

12. iMathematics: This app is also gaining popularity among kids as it solves complex equations for them step by step.

Apart from these Computer Carl, Bingo and Aardy’s Multiplication apps are becoming popular in the market with each day.

Conclusion: Apps are fast, easy, unique and fun. Undoubtedly, the appeal of these apps is quite strong and deep among the young minds. Teachers also find them to be of great assistance as they lessen the burden of their job.

But one thing cannot be denied that the traditional way of learning through books, pen, and paper still hugely beneficial. As a parent or a helpful teacher, you should make sure that children do not get solely dependent upon apps. Rather, they learn to maintain a balance between the old and the new. Their learning will be complete and fruitful if there is a communication between the old and new ways of learning.

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