Best Online Addition Games for Kids

Best Online Addition Games for Kids

In this age where kids are now tech-savvy, interactive learning apps now abound. They are becoming more popular alternatives to the traditional study materials. Kids just love using apps and tapping on smartphones and tablets. If we take into consideration the combination of technology and education, we got ourselves mobile learning apps. Students today are gearing more and more towards smartphones and tablets. This is a good way to keep them interested in studying.

The use of addition games online allows students to access information and study anywhere. This can improve the study habits of children as well as enhance their productivity. Mobile learning apps have changed the education sector because educational institutions are now accepting this mode of learning.

Benefits of using mobile apps in education settings

The use of mobile learning apps especially in the form of games such as subtraction or addition games online can benefit children. Apps make learning easier and enjoyable especially for kindergarten students. The colorful animation keeps them glued to the screen. Below are some of the benefits of using mobile learning apps.

New learning methods

Traditional learning methods can sometimes feel boring. Being restricted to books and classroom can dampen the child’s interest to learn. However, with the popularity of mobile apps, there is an element of fun and novelty. Through the use of addition games online, students become more interested to learn.

Enhanced engagement

Learning apps can improve a child’s interaction with parents. Kids are often amazed at how the apps are very interesting and they tend to share it with parents.

24/7 availability

Mobile apps are always available, anytime, anywhere. There is no schedule to follow. As long as you have your gadget, you can access the mobile app. Learning with the use of the app is relaxed and not demanding. Apps also have child-friendly controls. They only have to get the device whenever they feel like learning or reviewing what they have learned. Younger kids can also operate an app without difficulty.

Productive downtime

Parents and educators do not want kids to be slaves of technology, staring at gadgets and becoming addicted to them. Too much use of the internet and talking on the phone for hours is a waste of precious time. This is where mobile apps come in handy. Learning with the use of mobile apps is a wise choice in making use of free time. As a result, free time is used more rewardingly.

Progress tracking

If you are teaching addition to your children, you can track his or her progress with the use of mobile apps. For example, addition games online can be designed depending on the level of difficulty. Once you see the progress, you will have an idea if the child is ready to move on to a more difficult level. If can also show where the child needs improvement.

Mobile learning is the future of education. There are educational apps that can meet the requirements of the child based on his developmental level.

Choosing the best addition online games

Learning math requires practice and repetition in order to build a strong foundation. There are more complex math problems in the future. Hence, if the math foundation is weak, a student will have difficulty coping. That is why the basic principles must be mastered. Addition online games and other math learning apps are good resources for children to use at home to improve their skills. Below are useful apps that kids will surely enjoy.


This is an interesting app for kids where counting, numbers, and shapes are introduced. Early learning is made more fun because of the underwater theme. Kids can learn math skills from 1 – 5 and then can move on up to 10. That way, they do not get overwhelmed if you present 1-10 right away. Mathlingo’s addition section has addition using pictures, adding numbers together, word problems, and puzzles in addition. This app also features subtraction and geometry. Mathlingo is a great app for early learners. The adorable sea animation, fun effects, and easy gameplay make basic math learning more interesting. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

Computer Carl

Computer Carl is a tired robot because his energy is very low. You have to help Carl navigate the maze to recharge his battery. Solve basic addition and subtraction problems to help Computer Carl.

Quizard Lite

This is flashcard app where you can create flashcards sets for your own use. The flashcards can also be downloaded from the web. This can be a good practice material. Find on App store.

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction

This app features colorful monsters that help kids learn various math concepts such as addition and subtraction. There are four levels in the addition part of the game ranging from beginner up to extra hard. Wrong questions go to the My Tricky Questions category to practice items that are difficult for the child.

Mission Addition

In this app, a child has to gather energy cells to power the spaceship going back to earth. The child has to get the right numbers from the choices to the teleport in order to get the given number. This is a good way in training kids to do mental math as they mentally compute the sum. As each challenge is timed, your child can improve on the best time, and thus, compute faster. Find out more.

Montessori Maths Add and Subtract Large Numbers

This app is for children who are just starting to add and subtract numbers. The Toolbox contains three activities for addition exercises. Kids can earn points for correct answers that are redeemable in the Monster Lab, allowing them to create their own monsters. This app can help prepare children for adding larger numbers. Activities on this app are tailored to the ability of the child.

The addition is one of the basic math skills that a child must learn and master. This will become more complex as the child advances up in school. This is why mastery is important. These are just some of the apps among many that can help improve the math skills of your child.

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