3 Best Ways to Learn Addition for Kindergarten

3 Best Ways to Learn Addition for Kindergarten

Today’s kindergarten students are already learning addition and subtraction. While many parents may feel that’s too early, the fact is that kids are learning more advanced skills at a younger age. This means as parents, you have to be ready to help them with these lessons. If your little one is struggling with addition, it’s time to look for supplemental materials. Since kids are into playing games on their tablets and other devices, presenting them with a game that teaches addition for kindergarten is a great idea. Here are three amazing apps that teach addition.

1. Mathlingo

Mathlingo is an easy to use website and app that teaches basic math skills. For young users, Mathlingo offers games that focus on number and shape recognition. It then shifts to subtraction and addition for kindergarten students. The games use only the first ten numbers, so they’re not too overwhelming for young learners. Mathlingo uses a fun ocean theme that features fish, shells, and other nautical imagery to make it fun and interesting for young players.

Parents can log in and look at their child’s progress, and each child can create their own account and progress at their own pace. To know more information about the Mathlingo app by Mafooly, check them out in the App store or the Play store.

2. Splash Math

Splash Math offers math games for students from kindergarten through fifth grade, so it’s a site you can stick with for most of your child’s elementary school career. In the kindergarten category, you’ll find a number of games that focus on addition. These games get progressively more difficult, moving from adding with images to solving equations using numbers only. This will help prepare kids for moving into first grade while also reinforcing what they’ve learned in kindergarten.

The game is free and has a number of resources for parents and teachers in addition to the games.

3. Education.com

Education.com has a wide variety of different games that focus on many subjects, including math. The kindergarten math games category has many different unique games that teach counting, number recognition, and addition. The website offers different games that focus on the addition for kindergarten, so if one doesn’t hold your kid’s attention, another might. Once they have completed kindergarten, kids can select a different grade and learn more advanced math techniques.

In addition to its games, Education.com offers printable worksheets, guided lessons, hands-on activities, and more. Much of the site is available for free, although you do have to buy the guided lessons, the printable workbooks, and the premium features.

These are three of the best ways for kids to learn addition and other math skills. Often, using games such as the ones offered by these three websites is the perfect way of teaching a child, especially a young child, how to do basic math.

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